What is General Surgery? How General Surgery is Different from Other Surgery?
What is general surgery

What is general surgery and how is general surgery different other forms of surgery?

We all think of this question that how general surgery different from other specialization like vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, colorectal Surgery, etc. and what conditions general surgeons treat. Well there are various ways in which the general surgeon is distinguished, let’s first understand

What does general surgery mean?

General surgeons perform a wide range of surgeries for many common illnesses. As a surgical specialty, general surgery focuses on parts of abdomen, breasts, skin, cancer related diseases, organs associated with alimentary canal like liver, pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, etc. General surgeon is provides surgical care for the patient in whole. General surgeon is also responsible for patient health care management which involves surgeries, effective communication, and patient care before, during and after the surgery.

How many types of general surgery are there?

General surgery deals with the basic ailments, minor surgeries and it can be divided into the following categories

Vascular surgery

- Vascular surgery treat diseases of the vascular system which involves blood vessels.

Laparoscopic surgery

- Laparoscopic or “minimally invasive” surgery uses several 0.5-1cm incisions for performing surgery

Colorectal surgery

- Colorectal surgery deals with disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon.

Breast surgery

- Surgery of the breasts involving surgical removal of tumours, enhancements and reductions.

Trauma surgery

- It treats injuries and damages caused due to heavy impact.

Endocrine surgery

- Surgery dealing with the complication in endocrine glands like pancreas, thyroid, adrenal, etc.

Transplant surgery

- Involves successful replacement of an organ in the body from a donor.

Paediatric Surgery

- Surgical care for children’s from infant stage till their teenage years.

Surgical Oncology

- It involves diagnosis and treating cancer through surgical procedures.

Cardiothoracic surgery

- Surgical treatment of organs inside the thorax (the chest) which mainly includes the heart and the lungs.

What surgery does a general surgeon perform?

A general specialist can perform and handle a wide list of surgeries on soft tissues as well as basic surgeries that focus on abdominal content some glands like thyroid, pancreas etc. They perform anything from extracting little skin sores and growths up to bigger cases like colectomies (extraction of a few or the entirety of the colon), removals of complex tissues like gall bladder, liver, etc.

General surgeons have the ability to handle a wide range of complexities and skills as they appeal to the general wellbeing of the body. General surgeons mostly handle minimal invasive surgeries these days. These surgeries are less painful, reduced blood loss and helps the body recuperate faster.

Why would you see a general surgeon?

General surgeons has a wide range of expertise. General surgery is a must before we move into any super speciality or to a major surgery.

With a wide range of expertise, General surgeons are able to detect various diseases specially related to abdomen, glands, breast, skin and other soft tissues. And not only the general surgeons perform surgeries but they also provide complete healthcare management which includes diagnosis, consultations, and evaluations for the patient before and after the surgery.

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